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Option Strategy Course cover

Option Strategy Course

Instructor: Akash Singh

Language: Hindi

Validity Period: Lifetime

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Option Strategy Course: Mastering Strategies for Successful Options Trading

Topics Covered in the Option Strategies Course:

Our Option Strategies Course covers a wide range of topics to help you understand and excel in option trading strategies. Here are some of the key topics we'll explore:

6 Non-Directional Strategies:

Learn six strategies that allow you to profit regardless of market direction. These strategies provide practical tools to generate consistent returns and manage risk effectively.

Entry Time, Exit Time, and Stop Loss:

Understand the importance of timing your entry and exit points in option trading. Learn how to set appropriate stop loss levels to protect your capital and maximize potential profits.

Strategies with Backtesting Results:

Explore option strategies supported by rigorous backtesting, giving you confidence in their historical performance. Understand the significance of backtesting and its role in selecting strategies.

2 Directional Strategies:

Discover two strategies that capitalize on market trends. Learn how to identify and trade in the direction of market movements using options.

Delta Decay and Time Decay:

Gain insights into delta decay and time decay and their impact on option pricing. Understand how to use these concepts to your advantage when selecting suitable option strategies.

Trading Rules:

Learn essential trading rules specific to options trading. Understand risk management techniques, position sizing, and other guidelines that help you make informed trading decisions.

Risk Management:

Master the art of risk management in option trading. Learn how to assess and manage risk effectively to safeguard your capital and optimize returns.

Difference between Call Option Buyers and Sellers:

Understand the contrasting roles and profit potential of call option buyers and sellers. Learn how to take advantage of these perspectives in your option trading strategies.

Difference between Put Option Buyers and Sellers:

Explore the differences between put option buyers and sellers. Gain insights into the strategies used by each party and how to profit from their perspectives.

Directional Option Selling with Small Margin:

Discover how to execute directional option selling strategies with a small margin requirement. Learn to identify high-probability setups and capitalize on them with limited risk.

Strategy Selection Based on Margin Types:

Understand the various margin types and how they influence strategy selection. Learn which strategies are suitable for different margin requirements.

Account Process for Option Sellers:

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the account process for option sellers. Learn about margin requirements, collateral, and the mechanics of option selling.

Trading Settlement Process:

Explore the trading settlement process in options trading. Understand the intricacies of trade settlement, including the difference between MTM (Mark-to-Market) and P&L (Profit and Loss).

Closing Price vs. Settled Price:

Understand the distinction between the closing price and the settled price in options trading. Learn how these prices are determined and their implications for options traders.

And Many More Concepts are covered:

Our Option Strategies Course ensures that you develop a deep understanding of option buying and selling strategies, including short straddles, short strangles, iron condors, iron fly strategies, and more. Live case studies are provided to enhance your understanding and application of these strategies in real-market scenarios.

Enroll in our Option Strategies Course today and gain the knowledge and skills to become a consistent and profitable option trader.

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