Technical Analysis 

The main concept of technical analysis is price action trading based on support & resistance, candlestick, chart pattern, trend market reaction, (price rejection) structure of the market. 

 What is support? 
Support is a level at which the price does not fall as demand is enough to hold price from falling further in simple terms support means buyers area or you can also say is as an demand zone.

What is resistance

Resistance as the term suggest it is the level at which the price does not rise further as the supply is enough to hold price from rising more. In simple terms, resistance is sellers area or supply zone.

Support and resistance can also be dynamic. Most commonly trading style in technical analysis is breakout and breakdown trading, breakout happens at resistance and breakdown happens at Support putting down in simple terms what is breakout and breakdown a particular level, which is acting as a support and resistance that is getting crossed.

Candlesticks pattern :
A candlestick has body, wick and the candle will be green or red. A green candlestick means the opening price of  the candle will be lower than the closing price on that candle (i.e. the price moved up on that candle ); a red candlestick means that the opening price was higher than the closing price that candle.
There are many candlesticks types like hammer, inverted hammer, shooting, star, bullish, engulfing, bearish engulfing, bullish harami, bearish harami, doji and the list goes on so basically candlesticks defines price movement in one particular time frame. 

Time Frame :
The most commonly used time frame by a trader is 1 min, 3 mins , 5 mins, 15 min, 30 min, 1hr 4hr daily timeframe, weekly timeframe and monthly timeframe based on your time period which you’re going to trade you have to choose the timeframe according to that.

Intraday Trading :

Intraday trading is a trading style in which a trader will be taking position and he will be closing the position same day without taking it to overnight position. Timeframe which can be used for intraday trading  1min, 3mins, 5 mins and 15 mins in order to take entry based on technical analysis. 

Swing Trading :
Swing trading is basically your holding an position for 2 days or more which can be 1 week, 1 month, 3 month and the time frame which can be best to analyze is 1 hr, 4 hrs, daily and weekly.

Chart patterns :

A chart pattern is a shape within a price chart that helps to understand and suggest what prices might do next, it's representing the price moment which is formed using past.

there are many chart patterns double top, double bottom, head and shoulder, inverted head and shoulder rising wedge, falling wedge, triple top, triple bottom, symmetrical triangle, descending triangle, ascending triangle and the list goes on.

Important note for Technical Analysis:

 it does not work perfectly all the time,  Technical analysis can be a useful tool for traders and investors to make informed decisions about buying and selling assets, but it's not a foolproof method for predicting market behavior.

You can create a system were you will be having a strategy in which you need to have proper risk reward, follow the system discipline manner having the Stop loss strictly, risk management, control emotion.

Conclusion: A trader need to analyze chart on day to day basics and understand how much technical analysis works and learn how to identify the right support and resistance, which candlestick pattern and chart pattern need to considered more in trading for confirmation, analyze trend of the market are the aspect of technical analysis for trading in our course we have given a proper step by step guidance for technical analysis trading, you can check out and starting your learn journey from us..

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